Introduction video for teaching at BEBBING

Introduction Video Guidelines and Requirements

Tell us more about yourself!

Requirements for the videos

You must appear in the video.

Shoot a horizontal video.

Do not give personal contact information.

How to create your video script?

You should create an introductory video script about yourself. Please, be creative but natural.

1. Introduce Yourself

What's your name, where do yo live and what languages do you speak ? Please tell us about your teaching experiences, educational background and so forth.

2. About Your Personality

Not necessary but it would be nice to tell about some activities you do in your lessons, what materials you use, your special hobbies which might be interesting to discuss with your students. Always wear a smile, because your smile is a reason for many others to smile :-)

3. Dress Code

You must look presentable, please wear what you would wear to teach online. It does not need to be business formal or even business casual, please pick something represents you best.

4. Video Background

Please avoid recording and also teaching with an unorganised distractive background. The ideal background is a white or light-coloured wall.

5. Mention bebbing

Please tell something engaging about bebbing e.g "Bebbing is a social way of learning languages", "let's beb together", "Are you ready to beb?", "Happy bebbing!" etc..

6. Some other short tips
  • Record in a quiet place. Please use at least an earphone/earpod mic. High quality portable mic which can be easily bought online.
  • Look happy, confident and natural.
  • Speak clearly and not too fast.
  • Be natural, looking directly into the camera will give an effect of speaking directly to your students
  • Keep it short, not more than 3-4 minutes. Even a minute is a plenty of time.

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